Impacting lives through blockchain technology.


CryptoSavannah Foundation is a non profit organization impacting lives in Africa through the capabilities of blockchain technology. It is the foundation arm of the technology company CryptoSavannah, that is at the fore front of Africa's blockchain and innovation ecosystem.

Our Mission

To impact lives through blockchain.

Our Vision

A better Africa is possible !

Our Goals

Transparency and accountability

One of the main attributes of blockchain technology is total transparency. This will be
a cornerstone of the projects we embark on.

Education and Innovation

Education is one of the most empowering forces in society; Innovation is as well. We
value and support education and innovation.

Gender equality and Empowerment

We recognize the girl child has been historically and systemically disempowered. We work with those committed to rectifying this distortion.

Cryptosavannah Foundation

Incorporated in Uganda, CryptoSavannah Foundation is committed to improving society using the capabilities enabled by blockchain technology. This commitment guides us in the projects we undertake, the partnerships we establish and the goals that we set for the foundation.

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