CryptoSavannah is a technology company at the forefront of the blockchain and innovation ecosystem in Africa.

Since 2017, the team at CryptoSavannah have been developing blockchain solutions, advising governments and the private sector, and attracting blockchain and crypto companies from around the world to invest in Africa. The CryptoSavannah team also led in organizing Africa's largest blockchain conference in May 2018, and are committed to making Africa a destination for blockchain talent, innovation and investment.

Our Vision

Innovating the Africa we want !

Mission Statement

To leverage the capabilities of modern technology in order to imagine new possibilities and create new frontiers for Africa.

Our Values

  • Building a world class business, in the heart of Africa.
  • Good governance, transparency and accountability
  • Create global partnerships that open Africa to the world
  • Using technology to democratize opportunities in Africa
  • Empowering a next generation
Team Image

Kwame Rugunda

Chief Executive
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Noah Baalessanvu

head of strategy
Team Image

Solomon Rugunda

head of operations
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David Gimei Nagimesi

head of technology
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Edmond Macheli

Head of CryptoSavannah Advisory
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Carol Idusso Rugaba

Head of CryptoSavannah Foundation
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Robert Wanjere

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Jassy Kabanihiza

Training & Funding Coordinator
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Nana Omondi

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Christian Mpimbaza

Blockchain engineer
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Allan Katongole

Blockchain engineer
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Emma Kisegerwa

Technology Specialist

Proof Of Concept (POC) on Land Titles

Designed and built a system for a government agency that facilitates uploading of land titles to the blockchain. These documents are immutable once uploaded and cannot be changed in any kind of way.

Designed and built a crypto exchange for a client in Uganda, to enable Ugandans buy and sell cryptocurency using local Ugandan shillings. It was the first exchange in Uganda, and was integrated with mobile money to allow ease of use for the Ugandan community. The Binusu exchange enables users buy and sell cryptocurrencies using cash or binusu agents, mobile wallets as well as bank transfers.

African Blockchain Confrence 2019

Along with the Blockchain Association of Uganda, we led the organization of the Africa Blockchain Conference 2018 which was the largest blockchain conference in Africa that brought together over 800 attendees from 23 countries around the world to address the role of blockchain in Africa's transformation. We will once again steer the Africa Blockchain conference 2019, which will focus on. The Importance of Blockchain and 4IR for Africa and along with the blockchain community, will also bring together the Artificial Intelligence, Internet-Of-Things, Big Data and the larger ecosystem that comprises the 4th Industrial Revolution.